Retail Store Attendee Registration


Minnekota Markets are wholesale order-writing trade shows not open to the public.  Admission is allowed to qualified and registered buyers only,


  • CURRENT SALES TAX LICENSE   All businesses must have a current sales tax license to be admitted to the market. An original or cell phone picture of your current sales tax license must be presented at the show.
  • PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR STORE FRONT WITH VISIBLE SIGNAGE   Brick and mortar stores must present a photograph, cell phone or website picture of their store front with the store name clearly visible.
  • TWO TRANSACTIONAL DOCUMENTS WITH BUSINESS NAME    We require two documents that show transactions made in the name of your business.  This may include purchase orders, invoices, lease agreements, utility bills, business checks, etc.  Business cards are not acceptable as a transactional document.
  •  WEBSITE WITH SHOPPING CART   All online stores must have a functioning website with a shopping cart.
  • BUYER VERIFICATION All Buyers registered to your store must have photo ID and proof of employment (such as a W-2, 1099, or business card).

Attending Future Shows.  Once your credentials are verified and your store is qualified, you may pre-register for future shows online or simply check-in at the Registration Desk. Upon arrival hand in the Pre-registration copy you printed off, pick up your name badge(s) and any additional new information about the market.  Badges must be worn by attendees at all times.  Please Note:  Buyer information and current sales tax license will be regularly updated.

 We love them but ask that you do not bring children to the show.  Strollers are not allowed on the show floors per Fire Marshal mandate.

Please note that online registration typically closes two business days before each market.  If you don't pre-register, know it is easy to register in person at the Registration Desk .

If you do not receive an acknowledgement email, please contact us at Email:

Look forward to seeing you at the Minnekota Markets.

For your convenience and to get the most current information about the upcoming markets
Please pre-registration below.



  • Product Categories: A = Accessories/Jewelry / B = Bridal / C = Contemporary / E=Denim D=Dresses/Suits / F= Footwear/ H= Hosiery / G =Gift-Home Décor J=Juniors / K=Kids / L=Lingerie / M= Menswear O=Outerwear / Coats / P= Maternity / S=Sportswear – Resort W =Western Wear / X= Retailer Supplies / Y =Swimwear
  • Example: A, K, O
  • Price Code: B =Better P = Popular/Low M=Moderate
  • Size Codes: J = Junior / M = Misses P= Petites / X= Plus Sizes